E-commerce Mobile App — CASE STUDY

E-commerce Mobile App — CASE STUDY

Searching for any tech equipment in an easy and user—friendly way.

Project Overview

“ BuyJ “ is a mobile e-commerce app that offers users an easy and simple search for any needed product. For those who don’t know, or need advice on what specifications of a product they want, or need, Smart Assistant is a feature that will guide users while choosing the perfect product for their needs and wishes.


The idea was developed because of the fact of long lines and crowded shops, especially because of people who are not able to leave their homes and go shopping. Users can communicate with Smart Assistant in the same way as communication with staff in shops.

What problems do we need to solve?

There are many different problems that people face when going shopping. These are common ones that we are trying to solve with “ BuyJ “:


Long waiting lines before checkout; Whether it is grocery, bakery, flower shop or any other shop, people have to wait in line before it’s their turn to pay for the products. Often, these lines are long and the cashier can not proceed with all charges fast.


It is a common scenario when someone takes the product we want, in front of us, and it is the last one in a shop. If the product is out of stock on “ BuyJ “, users will be notified when it is available again.


Some individuals can not leave their houses due to health issues, movement ability or any other circumstances. If they want to shop for some product, they need to wait until they recover to seek help.

Defining the problem

"How can we ensure that every person goes shopping and has fun while looking for a necessary product?"



  • To make the software user-friendly and to guarantee a positive user experience.
  • To prevent users from being disoriented and perplexed when using the software

  • To offer a straightforward checkout procedure

  • To notify users once they finish making an order

  • To update users on the status of their orders

Business Objectives

  • To boost the number of sales and the number of clients

  • To guarantee the store's brand identification

  • To establish a store as a reliable online buying resource.

Who are our users?

Before we start designing we need to meet and explore our users to create a good and user—friendly user experience.

Because of that, we are focusing mainly on the personalities of our users, their traits, passions and characteristics.

  • The tech lover; Graduated student who is passionate about tech stuff and innovations in the “ tech world “.

TODO: “ When I find an item and go to checkout, I have to wait in long line often because of what I want to shop online and save a lot of time ”

The point: Users want to use the platform without any distraction, so they can focus on their main task.

  • The innovator; She/he has a lack of time for shopping and long lines make her/him annoyed.

TODO: “ When I find an item and go to checkout, I have to wait in long line often because of what I want to shop online and save a lot of time ”

The point: The checkout process needs to be quick, optimized and not take a lot of time to process the payment.

  • The trend follower; Due to its pregnancy, she/he is not able to walk through the shops and stand in a long line for checkout.

TO — DO: “ I am not able to walk across all shops when searching for needed items, especially when standing in a checkout line. I want to find a trusted platform for shopping that can make me able to have all the items I need”.

The point: Users that are not able to go shopping because of various reasons, need a way to shop from their house.